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Video game based upon the hit animated movie

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP

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In Ice Age 3, Manny and Ellie are expecting their first little one. Diego is feeling a bit more domesticated for his taste. Sid is feeling the call of family too. He decides he wants a family of his very own. Instead of trying to find a mate, Sid wants an instant family. He decides to steal a dinosaur egg. Sid ends up in a messy situation when he is taken to an underground world, and his friends must rescue him.

In Ice Age 3's game Dawn of the Dinosaur, players will enter the world of their favorite characters from the game to play a variety of game styles. There is not one mode of playstyle but a playstyle geared towards each character in the game.

When playing as Sid, players will roll eggs around the world just like in the game where Sid steals the dinosaur eggs. Players will also have to outrun a large, angry T-Rex. When running from the T-Rex, players get to experience the screen shaking from the large pounding feet of the dinosaur.

In Buck to the Rescue, players control the character Buck as he moves through caves, using his whip to swing from cliff to cliff and avoid falling. The vines shake as Buck swings from one to the next. The graphics are clear and sharp with rich colors and lush landscapes.

Throughout the game, there are quality-cut scenes that clearly resemble the movie. Many of the actors from the movie lent their voices to the making of the game too.


  • Fans of the movie will love that the game features a familiar storyline
  • Great graphics with all the favorite characters from the movie


  • Simplistic game play geared towards children
  • Large file sizes that take up a lot of space

Children will enjoy this if they loved the movie. The familiar characters perform stunts and feats based on the movie's storyline.

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